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Project Cars Update: Simon’s Corsair V4

He’s on a mission to own every 60s Ford produced, and this Corsair is the latest in the line-up.

the line-up.

I picked this at the end of March 2008. It’s a 1969 2-litre V4 Deluxe – proper old-boy spec, completely standard but fitted with rear seat belts, which was a major incentive for me buying it! That’s Waxoyl on the sills, by the way, not grot. The whole of the underside is caked in the stuff.

I got it home, dropped the oil, changed the tyres, had the blowing exhuast welded up, then took it to Holland for the Classic Ford Tour – 1500 miles in three days, and most of those flat-out on the autoroute. Happy days.

The vinyl on the rear bench and driver’s seat had deteriorated, so prior to the tour I managed to pick up a pre-Aeroflow Deluxe interior. It was filthy but in tip-top nick – and cheap!

After digging out all my old Street Machines for a nostalgia feature in Classic Ford, I started hankering after the old days big time, so got Simon Coulson to put down on paper what I had in my head on how I want the Corsair to look.

The rear bumper is a GRP Mk1 Cortina item mounted flush to the rear panel – I’ve haven’t yet worked out if I can modify the standard Corsair panel to do this, or whether I will need to let in a section of a Cortina one.

The 7J four-spokes shown here are in fact one of three sets of rims the car will wear. I’ve yet to source these, but already have a set of 7J Compomtive CXs, which need refurbing, so it may be a while before you see them on the car.

The V4’s staying put. They get a bad rep, but this one runs great and I like its quirkiness. As much as I appreciate a balls-out Crossflow or Pinto, you can overdose on them at times.

I’ve slowly been collecting parts to bring it up to 2000E spec and beyond. There are tuning parts for these engines believe it or not, you just have to look very, very hard to find them.

There’s just over two months until the Classic Ford Show, and much to do. My finger is most definitely out!

For regular updates on the Corsair, check out Classic Ford magazine every month!

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