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A Brief History Of… Mk2 Escort Van

In reality, the Mk2 commercial is just an update of the Mk1, but it defines a generation.

The Escort van is one of the most versatile vehicles that Ford made, and they sold in their hundreds of thousands, defining a genre. So much so that nowadays only the Fiesta can be had as a van – apart from that you have to choose a dedicated model such as the Transit Connect.

As any enthusiast can see, the Mk2 van introduced along with the Mk2 saloons in early 1975 is no more than a nose job and some new interior trim. The saloon wore all new panelwork, but from the bulkhead back the van variant was the same as the Mk1.

The leaf-sprung, solid axle rear end meant you could get a good load on board and up front the Crossflows continued, often like our AA van, only a lowly 1.3 litres at that. Loved by everybody from the Gas Board to British Telecom, today their working roots mean they’re very rare in good condition.

The van pictured was featured in Classic Ford in June 2010, and is part of the AA’s heritage fleet – check out their website for more info and other cool cars from their fleet: click here

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