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How to contact Classic Ford!

| Contact Us, Contact Us | 15/01/2015 14:35pm

Got a car you reckon we should feature, a meet you’d like us to attend, a technical problem you’d like an answer to, or just want to have your say? It’s easy, here’s how to get in touch.

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Classic Ford Tour 2014

Exclusive: Classic Ford Tour 2014

| Blog, Events guide, Meet the team, News, What's On | 12/11/2013 12:33pm

Not one, but two official Classic Ford Tours have been revealed for next year!

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Video: Ade’s Project Capri, plus Saph at Driftland

| Blog, Meet the team, Motorsport, News, Project cars, Team CF, Videos | 07/08/2013 11:39am

Check out this great video by SC Films featuring rare footage of Ade Brannan’s Project Capri, plus his Saph in action at Grip Day, Driftland. Only it’s not doing much gripping…

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New Classic Ford staff writer

| Blog, Contact Us, Meet the team | 23/04/2013 11:26am

It’s official: the world’s greatest classic Ford magazine has a new staff writer – say hello to Jamie Arkle.

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Staff projects: Bryn’s Mk1 Cortina

| Project cars, Videos | 06/02/2013 09:40am

If there’s an old Ford for sale, and it’s 2500 miles away, Bryn will buy it. His latest acquisition is a 1964 Mk1 Cortina found in Finland.

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Video: the 2011 Jersey Rally

| Meet the team, Motorsport, Videos | 18/10/2011 16:10pm

Excellent footage from last weekend’s Jersey Rally. Keep your eyes peeled for our very own JJ Gallagher in his green Mk2 Escort aka The Mutt – performing his obligatory doughnut!

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Where to buy the latest issue of Classic Ford

| Contact Us, Magazine | 06/10/2011 15:36pm

Not sure where in the UK you can pick up the latest issue of Classic Ford magazine? Help is at hand!

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Staff projects: SimonW’s Corsair

| Project cars | 16/09/2011 14:41pm

The front end bodywork repairs on Simon’s Corsair project are complete? Are you sure?

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Staff projects: Simon W’s Corsair

| Project cars | 26/07/2011 14:33pm

The continual discovery of rot where it’s not wanted is not putting off Simon and Jon Hill from ploughing on with the Corsair rebuild.

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Job vacancy on Classic Ford magazine

| Blog, Meet the team | 06/05/2011 13:54pm

We’re looking for a Production Assistant to join the best-selling classic Ford magazine.

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Project car update: SimonW’s Corsair

| Project cars | 12/01/2011 00:01am

The Corsair’s been butchered… but for all the right reasons.

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Project cars update: Simon Holmes’ Cortina

| Project cars | 28/12/2010 00:01am

It’s new car time at the home of Holmes, and he’s bought a rear-driver! You may recognise it too!

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Classic Ford team: Simon Holmes – contributor

| Meet the team | 01/07/2010 14:10pm

I’m the newest addition to the Classic Ford team having been here for a few months, and in that time I’ve been slowly working on my project – a Mk1 Fiesta.

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Project Cars Update: Simon’s Corsair V4

| Project cars | 01/07/2010 12:40pm

It’s minor update time – with the emphasis definitely on the ‘minor’ part…

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Project Cars Update: Simon’s Corsair – In V4 we trust

| Project cars | 31/01/2010 00:00am

It’s not worth the bother of tuning up an Essex V4, right? After a bit of page-flicking, Simon’s not so sure…

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Meet the team: Adrian Brannan – contributor

| Meet the team | 04/01/2010 14:06pm

Ade has been a lifelong Ford fan with no real persuasion…

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Meet the team: Bryn Musselwhite – contributor

| Meet the team | 21/12/2009 12:27pm

If you cut him, he bleeds petrol…

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Project Cars Update: Simon’s Corsair V4

| Project cars | 05/11/2009 13:59pm

Parts-hunting aside, not much happened to the Corsair in the first seven months of 2009. All too soon it was August, and I realised if I didn’t get busy, the show season would be over for another year.

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Project Cars Update: Racin’ Jason’s The Green Hornet

| Project cars | 24/09/2009 10:01am

His motto is simple: ‘Once you go Rat, you never go back!’

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Meet the team: Marc Stretton — contributor

| Meet the team | 23/09/2009 00:00am

Bungle has a rich history of crumbly classic Ford ownership, which he’s only too happy to tell us about.

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Meet the team: Racin’ Jason — Australian contributor

| Meet the team | 16/09/2009 00:00am

Racin’ Jason came onto the UK classic Ford scene when he rocked up with the missus in a flatfront, big-arch Mk2 Escort at our Classic Ford Tour of 2002.

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Project Cars Update: Classic Ford Cortina is a tight squeeze

| Project cars | 29/07/2009 15:40pm

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