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There’s nothing more satisfying than rebuilding your classic Ford yourself, and the Classic Ford August 2021 issue, out now, is packed with tips, ideas and inspiration to help you become a bona fide Homebuilt Hero — plus exclusive in-depth feature on the world’s first electric Cortina!

classic ford august 2021

Taking the electric motor part out of the discussion for a moment, what Tim Harrison’s done with his Mk1 Cortina isn’t so different from the rest of us. He wanted a more powerful and reliable method of propulsion, so he removed the original engine and bolted in a more modern one — sound familiar? The fact that he was able to retain the rest of the running gear makes this swap all the more impressive — it’s truly bolt-in power!

Of course, there’s a bit more to this car than that. It’s quite possibly broken the floodgates for a future flurry of electric-powered classic Fords once the costs inevitably start to come down, but is it the future? We’re not sure — like many others we’re hoping that synthetic fuels will help protect our old Fords from any forthcoming legislation so we can continue to enjoy the sights and sounds of a pair of 45s hanging off the sides of our engines. But we do look forward to a time when electric and combustion-engined classic Fords share space at the Classic Ford Show.

Inside this issue

Electric Cortina: battery-powered Mk1 that was a true bolt-in swap

Fit a five-speed: in-depth guide to installing a Type-9 five-speed gearbox to your classic Ford

Zephyr Mk4: your in-depth buying guide to the 1960s big classic

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