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When Herbert Abts came across this mint Mk1 for sale he knew just what to do: unlock his cupboard of rare RS spares to create a Series X Fiesta 1100S

series x fiesta

We’ve been going crazy over German Mk1 Fiestas recently and just one glance over this funky retro Mk1 shows exactly why. They have a certain slightly wacky style to them that you just don’t see on this side of the water, but we like it!

Amazingly, they have all been part of an extensive collection owned by a group of close friends and this one belongs to Herbert Abts.

We featured his friend Herbert’s rally-ready Mk1 in the September 2011 issue and the boys sat us down again to tell us the story of how they managed to get their hands on yet another Mk1, which is no mean feat considering that early Fiestas aren’t exactly flooding the high streets over in Germany.

Phone home

These boys just have a knack for finding them, and sometimes the cars just come to them. Maybe their reputation for being hardcore Fiesta fanatics is really paying off.

“I took a phone call one day from a car dealer, it made me curious” Herbert reveals “It was a Mk1 with just one owner from new and low mileage.” Sounds like a dream car advert and with it being offered his way, Herbert just couldn’t really say no, he had to check it out. 

“After taking that call I was very interested — viewing costs nothing, does it? I had to take a look at it, as a friend was looking for a Mk1, and it could be the car for him.”

Helpful Herbert was soon on his way over to the dealer. “When I arrived there I found a Kermit green Mk1. It was in really, really good condition. There was hardly any rust anywhere at all, so we made a deal and I took it back to my workshop at home.”

The friend who Herbert had in mind for this Fiesta turned up to see the car, but he was unusually fussy. “He said he wanted a different engine and colour — I was a little put out as the days that you could order a Mk1 to your exact spec and choice are long gone!”

But what to do now? Keep it? Sell it? All Herbert knew was that he once again had another Mk1 in his workshop. He sat down with his good friend and tinkering side-kick, Stephan and began some brainstorming.

“We discussed lots of ideas but we liked the idea of a 1100S replica, lowered with some nice 6Jx13 RS wheels. We started to play with Photoshop to see what it would look like — it was nice but not 100 per cent what we wanted.”

It was back to the drawing board, so Stephan offered up some advice: “So, what about an 1100S with the Series-X wide-arch rally kit and some 7Jx13 four-spokes?” Herbert quickly agreed. “Oh yeah! That’s the deal!”

series x fiesta

The lads set about making it happen, briefly pausing to have a moment of reflection: “Due to the good condition of the car, the hardest thing was when it came to cut and welding it for the rear arches to be fitted.” That soon passed though and they got stuck right into it. The bodywork was given a good freshen up so it met their meticulous standards. 

“It was given a partial respray and then fully polished and cleaned everywhere else. We ordered the S stripe kit from DMB Graphics in England, as we needed that well-known British quality.”

Centre spread

It looked good already, the arch kit was really working, but the wheels just needed a little something extra. 

“We found that the silver wheels didn’t look so great so we made a decision to polish the wheels up and then paint the centres. It’s a much better look,” reckons Herbert. No arguments from us there! To make it handle it was then dropped over some Koni suspension and Kaw springs.

Herbert wasn’t a big fan of the original RS spoiler, so it was time to go trawling through his extensive parts collection to find the perfect addition to add some real attitude.

“I had a Kamai front spoiler in storage. It’s for an unarched Mk1 but with some cutting
and extension later we made it fit.” Herbert pointed out.

series x fiesta

The rest of the car has a beautifully simple charm about it. A green rollcage, RS steering wheel, S rear bench with some Scheel-Mann front seats. Herbert summed it up: “We like it this way — all the parts you could get in the ’80s, and no modern stuff.” 

That’s a philosophy we like, too!  

See more photos and get the full spec on Herbert’s Series X Fiesta in the December 2011 issue

Photos Adrian Brannan

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