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Love your 1950s Fords? These Prefect 107E and E493A project ideas courtesy of Simon Coulson should be just the ticket, then

This E493A Prefect must have been one of the last built before it was superseded by the three-box design below we all know and love. With that in mind it’s only fitting we give it some specialist treatment, carefully stripping it down, unbolting the chassis and putting to one side, then fabricating a whole new chassis picking up on the body’s original mounting points? Why? Well that long bonnet is screaming inline six to us, so that’s what it’s getting courtesy of a dead E36-shape BMW 325i, along with its front suspension and rear axle set-up — suitably lowered of course, so that those BBS split-rims sit well upside the Prefect’s arches.

With the dry build carried out, we’ll strip it all down again and then prep and paint the bodywork in coats of Ford Midnight Blue — more commonly seen on the Mk2 RS2000, but just as fitting on our ’50s fast Ford, we reckon — before refitting all of the original chrome and treating the standard interior to some tlc, too. One to keep you guessing.

prefect 107e

It wasn’t that long ago that Prefect 107Es could still be picked up easily and cheaply. There are still plenty for sale, fortunately, but it looks like the 107E is finally climbing the ladder in terms of values, and it’s climbing fast. That’s not going to stop us going to town on this 1955 sidevalve example, though. We’ve given the exterior the classic Street Machine treatment with dollops of scallops (can you say that?) using Frozen White and Bohai Bay Mint — the latter found on the special edition B&O Fiesta from the vintage year of 2016 — a colour combination that we thing looks particularly stunning.

Like its older brother, we’ve refitted all of the chromework and trim, and fabricated some fender skirts for the rear arches fort the lad-sled look, before sitting the standard 13 inch steels well into the arches courtesy of air-ride. The steels have been shod with whitewalls and Moon discs, too, to continue the custom treatment. Built for cruising rather than speed, the sidevalve has bee swapped for a 1300 Crossflow and four-speed ’box, while the interior has been retrimmed in green. Time to hit the King’s Road!

Words Simon Woolley

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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