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The Cortina Mk2 Owners Club has always been, and always will be, the club that welcomes all Mk2s, as Eddie Newman explains.

When was the club founded, and why?

The club was formed in 1988 by three enthusiasts that found there wasn’t a club that catered for the Deluxe, Super and GT variants of the Mk2 that they owned.

Which models do you cover?

We were the first club to welcome all Mk2 Cortinas, from the Fleet and Deluxe models right through to the Lotus and everything in between.  We also cover the aftermarket convertibles and V6s from Crayford, the V6 conversions from Race Proved (Savage) and Superspeed, and the home-modified cars, too!

What does your club offer to new members?

New members get access to our extensive members-only spares scheme and regalia, free or discounted entry to many of the club show stands including the NEC Classic Car Show, the excellent quarterly club magazine ‘The Indicator’, discounts from Hagerty Insurance, Ex-Pressed Steel Panels and Aldridge Trimming, as well as a welcome letter, club windscreen sticker and our latest spares list.

How many members do you have?

Just over 400, with over 4500 on our Facebook page.

Can you describe a typical member?

Members come from all over the world these days and include young lads restoring their first car as a project with their Dad through to people that have owned them from new with just about everything in between. 

Mostly it’s a broad spectrum of enthusiastic members  who have previously owned or have fond memories of the Mk2 Cortina from their past.

Do you host your own show?

Our National Rally has been held in conjunction with the Mk1 Cortina Owners’ Club for over 10 years now at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse. Due to the venue’s popularity we’ll be back there again in 2020 over the first weekend in August. All classic Fords are welcome and there’s no need to book — just turn up on the day.

What other shows does the club have a presence at?

Our favourite is probably Cortina Day in June at the Monmouth showground, but we do get out to all sorts of shows and events right across the country throughout the year. Many new shows are currently being discussed within the committee, including a possible club tour.

Does the club run a spares service?

Very much so. One of the original aims of the club was to keep the cars on the road through sourcing the hard-to-get parts for our members. We now have over 450 different lines available to our members, all of them either brand new, reconditioned, or remanufactured. 

Our spares team are always working hard to add new items and have recently come up with the previously unavailable plastic rivets that hold the rear lights together and also seatbelt storage hooks. 

There are many more new parts coming to our members in 2020, hopefully including the windscreen washer bottles fitted to the Lotus cars and some export cars that just can’t be found anywhere.

What are the club’s goals for the future?

To continue growing at the rate we have done over the past few years and to help keep the Mk2 Cortina on the road — where it belongs!

Club Essentials

Membership costs: £29 per year (UK), £33 (rest of world)

Club contact details:
07835 936073

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