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Everything starts with an E, reckons Ben Cooper, and joining is the best way to get the most out of yours

When was the group founded, and why? was established in 2005. The club was created because at the time there wasn’t a platform solely for the 100E models, which had much information online about modifying and restoring these cars.

Has the direction of the club changed much since it was founded?

The format of the club has changed over the years as with most clubs, they started as forums online but have slowly died out and been taken over by Facebook. We have kept the forum due to the wealth of knowledge on it, but primarily people use our Facebook group. 

Which models do you cover?

The club name would have you think it is just 100Es but there are several derivatives under this name — Anglia, Prefect and Popular 100E/101E,  Escort and Squire 100E/101E, Thames 300E/301E and the Prefect 107E/108E. 

A lot of member’s cars are modified — do you cater for original/restored cars, too?

As a club we welcome all types of cars and people, and we pride ourselves on having a varied range of cars. Within the club we have the purist of pure cars that are better than when they came off the production line, to the nitrous-breathing V8 drag cars with everything in between.

What do you think it is about the 100E range that makes them so appealing?

They still are readily available and reasonably priced compared to other models, they are a small, highly modifiable car or just a fun car to potter around in, they are well built as well as easy to maintain and work on, especially as a first car. Lots of people either had one as a first car or have grown up with their parents either having one or really liking them so there’s the sentimental value too.

I think the other part of the appeal is that they aren’t the go-to classic Ford that everyone wants, like an Escort, and when you go to car shows, there is always a lot less 100Es compared to other models. 

What do you offer to new members?

Free membership being one. This has always been this way and will always be. Discounts from parts and panel suppliers, discounts with one of our sponsors Classicline insurance. There is also the wealth of knowledge from our members and sales page for those parts you cannot find. Plus free entry into our club meets, and members get discounts for entry for a variety of car shows, like the NEC, too. We also have a range of merchandise that can be purchased through links on the group’s page including T-shirts, hoodies, and stickers.

Our whole ethos is about creating a community for new members to join, where we all help each other, if someone is stuck and needs help, a little post on the group can then turn into a bunch of members meeting and working on the one car together.

Have many members do you have?

The website has over 4000, with Facebook being the most active site with around 5000. 

Do you host your own show, meets or runs?

We normally host the Es At The Ace meet at the Ace Cafe when a global pandemic isn’t ruining things. We also more recently have hosted Es In A Field which is as it sounds! We also have small local meets and support local gatherings. 

What other shows or events does the group have a presence at?

We attend both the Classic Car & Restoration Show and Classic Motor Show at the NEC, and the Classic Ford Show where we won Best One Make/Model club stand in 2018. We also take part in the London to Brighton classic car show, plus many smaller meets.

Club Essentials

Membership costs: 100 per cent free

Club contact details:


Facebook: search ‘

Instagram: @ford100e_com


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