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Whether you own a Mk3 or Mk4 Escort, the Scorted group is all about the community, as Dave Wilson reveals.

When was the group formed?

It started in May 2013 as a Facebook group for Mk3s initially, and was set up by Darren Farmer and Paul Ingell. I joined in the Autumn of 2013 and am now one of eight or nine admins who help run the group. It grew pretty rapidly, mainly through word of mouth, and by late 2013, we changed it to include Mk4s as well — they’re pretty much the same car, after all! We’ve got 8300 members now, which is great!

What does the group offer new members?

We’re a free-to-join club, and the most important thing we offer is community — we’re here for advice, help, showing off the cars and most importantly, helping to keep them on the road. We welcome all Mk3s and Mk4s, standard or modified, and all variants including the Orions, vans, combis… if it looks like a Mk3 or Mk4, it’s in!

I can’t emphasise enough how important the community aspect is to Scorted — as an example, a few years back on the way into the campsite at the Classic Ford Show, the heater matrix popped on one of our member’s cars, spraying hot
coolant all over her feet. She was rushed off to A&E with one of our members going along for support, while the car was pushed into the camping area. The tools came out, a bypass was installed, more coolant was picked up en route and the car was on show on our stand the following day and driven home that evening.

We also set up a Scorted for-sale-and-wanted page on Facebook soon after the group was founded — which has become huge, by the way — for members to buy and sell parts, and there are suppliers on there who offer discounts to members, too, plus we do the usual club stickers and clothing.

Which model would you recommend for potential Mk3/Mk4 owners?

If you’re on a budget then the Mk4 five-door hatchbacks and Estates still represent good value — you won’t go wrong with something like a Bonus or a Ghia.

Do you have any members from overseas?

The majority are from the UK, but we also have a lot of members from mainland Europe, plus the USA, Mexico, Brazil — where they got the 1.8 VW-engined version — and even Australia, which is odd as the cars were never sold or officially exported there!

You attend a lot of shows, don’t you?

Yes, just a few! We have a big presence at the Classic Ford Show, Ford Fair, Oh So Retro, as well as the Deal Classic Car Show and Blackpool Ford Day, plus our members represent the group at a huge number of local shows and events.

What about your own show?

It’s on the cards. We’re in discussions to hold an event, probably somewhere central, but we want to make a weekend of it.

What are the group’s goals for the future?

To keep it free to join, and to maintain that sense of community and inclusiveness as we grow bigger and bigger — as we like to say, no question is a stupid question. We’d love to attend some shows as a group in mainland Europe too, such as the European Ford Event in The Netherlands — that’s on the cards for next year. 


Club Essentials

Membership costs: free to join

Club contacts: 


Twitter: @scortedgroup

Instagram: @scortedgroup


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