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It’s the turn of the sit-up-and-beg models… Best get the brave pills out as Simon Coulson takes on the Ford E93A Popular and Prefect!

The Ford E93A is the quintessential British hot rod. The days of squeezing Viva front ends, Rover V8s and Jag IRS under wide arch bodies are in the past (unless you are building a ’70s homage… in which case, send in a picture!), so just how are you going to build your Pop in a way that will stand out from all the ’rods?

Approach number one involves a merging of ideas — the pre-War design being given a bit of ’60s racer vibe mixed in with some modern muscle. The body is just as the factory intended, the only real modification being the lowered front bumper, brought down to the same level as the sill. The contrasting colour of the grille is echoed in the stripes along the lower flanks, intended to hint at ’60s icons like the Cobra and GT40.

The GT theme continues with the side-exit exhaust and the Halibrand-style rims, the latter being classic in looks but in sizes that add a distinctly modern flavour, especially in conjunction with low profile tyres. Under the hood a V8 motor from the Ford Racing catalogue (with Cobra rocker covers) should keep things interesting and back up the looks along with it.

ford e93a

Pop number two is actually a Prefect, the less desirable four-door model, no less. The influence here is a classic lowrider bomb. Usually the base model for such a car would be a significantly larger piece of ’40s US metal, but the look works equally well on our diminutive starting point. Exterior modifications are about adding bits rather than removing them… more is more in this case. Period accessories like the sun visor, headlight peaks, fender skirts and spotlights are all de rigueur for the discerning bomb builder.

The standard panels are shot with a era-correct two-tone paint scheme which contrasts with the widened stock steels wearing a coat of red. Whitewall crossplies sit under the arches… sometimes… hydraulic suspension is a key feature. It would mean a lot of work, but if you’re going to do something, it’s worth doing it properly!

ford e93a

These Ford E93A project ideas first appeared in the April issue