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The top 10 rally mods — get the look without spending tens of thousands of Pounds…

top 10 rally mods


Hanging off the front end of any classic Ford, a dirty great set of Cibies is one of the easiest ways of making your chariot look like it means business. Haven’t got the screaming BDA to match? Sod it, when you look this good who cares if appearences are slightly deceiving. 

top 10 rally mods


Forest, tarmac, X-Pack, bubble: making your classic Ford wider is an easy way to an instant win. Combined with the fattest rubber possible, you’ll soon be fooling everyone that your Popular’s an ex-tarmac rally champion. Well, almost.

Sump guard

Not an obvious one to look for, but as any rally car worth its salt will usually have a sump guard, simply bolt one on and tell your mates it’s vital for that rough terrain and debris you’ve got to endure in Manchester city centre. Well, at least it means speed bumps are less threatening. 


Handy for reading maps at night. A co-driver’s light is a great way of kidding people you’re into night-time endurance events. If you’re not, it’s still handy for navigating your way to winter meets. 

Co-driver’s footrest

One of the easiest ways of putting your passenger on edge before they’ve even buckled up their harnesses! The sight of a nicely drilled alloy footrest for the passenger can only mean one of two things: you’re in a serious piece of kit, or the driver’s a complete loon…

Alloy tank and spare wheel post

We’re talking about a nice alloy fuel cell in the boot of course, and a dormant spare wheel post from the time you had to change a tyre in the middle of a night stage in the Welsh forests. Or so you tell your mates… Either way, there’s something strangely sexy about a nicely installed alloy fuel tank.  

Mud flaps

Along with spotlights, mudflaps are possibly the easiest bolt-on way to looking like a rally stage winner. They can look dodgy on the wrong car, but just trailing the ground on a tarmac-hugging rear end as it squats down out of a hairpin? You just can’t go wrong!  

Names in window

We’re talking names of driver and co-driver on the rear side window, not across the sunvisor, obviously. Nobody needs to know the names of Brad and his soon to be ex-Mrs, but when you’re talking wannabe rally legend, then it’s not only acceptable, but damn cool, too. 

top 10 rally mods

Hydraulic handbrake

An upright hydraulic handbrake looks damn good next to the gearstick, as does the ensuing carnage as you try and handbrake it to impress your mates. In fairness, even if you don’t use it, then there’s always the intent to impress and scare your passenger in equal measures. 

top 10 rally mods

Helmet net

No rear seats, but a firewall and a helmet net acting like a hammock between the rear cage: guaranteed to make everyone think you’re a stage veteran and have women collapse at your feet. Well, they might at least think you’re a bit handy behind the wheel. 

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