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Do you live for the weekend? Here’s how to get the best out of them Blue Oval-style with out top 5 classic Ford weekenders.

classic ford weekenders

Pick up a new project

We’ve all done it — spotted a potential new project car for sale, worked out exactly we want to do with it, so this weekend, why not go the distance, snap one up and get it into the garage? Unless you’re feeling brave, don’t go for a total basket case though — they’re the kind of projects that never get finished — instead, choose carefully and find a car that matches your skillset and more importantly, budget. And if you’re buying a part-finished project, make sure you know exactly what is needed to get it done.

How much: £300 upwards

classic ford weekenders

Get a rolling road tune

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that dyno sessions are the sole preserve of modern cars with fuel-injection and complex ECUs, but that simply isn’t the case. Taking your old school blue oval to a rolling road can be a fantastic experience, particularly if you’ve not had elements of your engine (the carbs for example) properly setup for a while, or if you’ve spent the winter months bolting on aftermarket tuning parts. The chances are you’ll leave with a car that’s running sweeter and sounding better than ever before. It might not be the cheapest day out if you go it alone, but dyno days are one of the most popular of forum activities, so the chances are one will be happening at some point soon. 

How much: power runs can be as little as £50, but a full set-up session could be £100 per hour.

classic ford weekenders

Treat your classic Ford to a wash and polish

The chances are you’ll already be quite a fan of keeping your pride and joy in tip-top condition, but it’s still easy to become slightly lax when it comes to prepping and polishing the paintwork, especially during the winter months… Taking the time to thoroughly wash and detail your classic Ford can be just as rewarding as lying under it with a welder, a grinder and a big hammer (it’s also much cleaner and less stressful), and you’ll be amazed at how much better it’ll look when you’re done, to boot. Just make sure you invest in a good quality car shampoo and a pot of carnauba wax. Take your time about it, and you can’t really go wrong. 

How much: depends the amount and quality of the detailing products you use, so anywhere between £5 and £50

classic ford weekenders

Get down the garage

OK, we’ll admit that the prospect of leaving the house for grazed knuckles, seized bolts and four decade old underseal isn’t exactly an appealing one, but there’s certainly fun to be had by going to your garage or lock-up. Even if you don’t actually get much done it can still be a rewarding experience, and you’ll be surprised just how worthwhile an evening of careful tinkering and pottering can be! You’ll be grateful of the time spent in the garage when the springs rolls round and your car is already prepped and ready to go. 

How much: nothing, though you might get through more than a few tea bags!

Go for a B-road blast

One of the best things about driving old Fords is that you don’t have to go especially fast to have fun, and there’s a lot to be said for taking your chosen blue oval for a run over your favourite stretch of asphalt. Obviously we’re not condoning reckless driving, but there’s a lot of fun to be had while still sticking within the confines of the national speed limit, especially if you can time your run for spring or summer when the longer evenings make it all the more entertaining. Once again it’s best to rope in a convoy of likeminded friends for this, not least because a line of barking, snorting classics sounds utterly compelling! 

How much: tank of Super Unleaded

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