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We all love a challenge, but getting this Anglia Estate on the road in just a week, after it had sat in the Australian Outback for years might have pushed Tim Mattison to the edge…

anglia estate

Angry Anglia is the brainchild of Melbourne-based Tim Mattison, and is apt for his addiction to one of the most unique of the classic Ford models. You see, Tim has an ever-evolving collection of Anglias — anywhere from 10 to 15 in his possession at any one time. At an educated guess, Tim says he’s owned over 60 Fords over the years since his first, a Mk1 Escort van. At the moment as well as the Anglias is an Escort Twin Cam, Mk1 Capri, four-door Mk2 RS2000 and other quirky classics like a 1967 Buick Riviera. With so many classics to maintain, the last thing you need to do is set yourself a goal of a seven-day build challenge of another Anglia, right?

Well, that’s exactly what he decided to do. The idea came to Tim when he came across a 1962 Anglia Estate located on an Outback farm where it had sat in the red Australian dust for years — the Aussie version of a barn find, I guess you could say. “I wanted to set myself a goal to have the old girl on the road and loved again in the quickest time possible,” Tim says. 

After a quick look over, the Estate was dragged from its resting place and was on its way to its new home at Angry Anglia headquarters. First was a basic clean up and look over on the hoist — that exciting, and scary moment we all have when we get a car home and finally look over it properly!

All in all, it was fairly sound, but let’s just say the stories of all Australian-based classic Fords being rust-free is a stretch of the truth.

anglia estate

Starter’s orders

So the build began in earnest. The first task was getting it running, and amazingly, Tim got it started. “It just needed fresh fuel, plugs and a carb clean… but the compression was way down, so I considered the cost and time for a rebuild and the next move was easy — in with a 1500 Pre-Crossflow Cortina engine I had sitting in the garage with a ported head and hot cam.”

That’s the thing with classic Ford builds — controlling the budget is half the battle. The seven-day build not only had to be quick, it needed to be as cheap as possible, as who knows when the next Anglia may pop up for sale that Tim can’t resist buying! All of the brakes, suspension and bushes needed either replacing or rebuilding, so it was time for Tim to set a plan, and set out each day to try to complete certain tasks and attempt to stick to a timeline.

By the halfway mark and with the temperatures in Tim’s shed hitting the mid-40s, the challenge wasn’t looking or feeling the best. “It was very difficult to get through the set backs, and it seemed their were issues at every point in the build, even with what you think is a simple job.”

Luckily, Tim only lives 6 miles from Yesterford, one of only a handful of classic Ford specialists Australia-wide. Yesterford is run by Mike Kirkpatrick and has been to go-to man for many a classic Ford restoration, particularly those in Melbourne and that road to Mike’s was a well-run route in the seven days. 

“I’d go through all my shelves of spares to find what I needed, and if I didn’t have it, I hoped Mike would!”

By Day Six, all the running gear was done and rebuilt with new seals, bushes, and cleaning off years of grease and dirt. The interior received a clean-up and custom potato sack seat covers courtesy of Tim’s talented Mum, and some period touches were brought in like the three-spoke SAAS sports steering wheel, and super-rare Lynx alloy rocker cover. A quick turnaround was called for from Aus4wd to make up a 2.5 inch stainless mandrel-bent exhaust system, too. Why so extravagant on the system? 

“I’ve already got future plans for a high-spec Kent 1600 Crossflow I picked up a while back, and it’s lurking in the corner of the garage waiting for the right car…” 

On Day Seven the bodywork was given a final going over, and the Estate was lowered a good 4 inches, and we think Tim has found that right car! 

Tim brought the Estate across the city for the Classic Ford photoshoot — the first time it had seen the road in many, many years. Now is that madness or just confidence in his abilities over the past seven days? Maybe a good slice of each! 

Words and Photos Chris Avery 

anglia estate

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