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Classic Ford Of The Year 2017: the best feature car of the last 12 months – as voted for by you!

And the winner is…
Jayne Gilmour’s Mk3 Cortina

Featured: July 2017
Photos: Gerard Hughes

Finally hitting the road in 2017, Jayne’s distinctive Cortina has been a long time coming, but it’s definitely been worth the wait, especially now that you’ve voted it as your Classic Ford Of The Year.

The two-door is unique – thanks in part to the eye-catching and off-the-wall Kodachrome livery (Jayne is a classic photography fan, too), but also because it’s been built to go far and wide on long-distance roadtrips across Europe and ultimately endurance events.

But it didn’t always look this good — five years ago the Mk3 was an utter basketcase, stripped and up on welding stands in the garage, with Jayne pondering just what the hell she’d taken on. More than 20 new panels were needed to get the shell solid before Jayne could apply that Kodak red-and-yellow livery and begin the fit-up using tried-and-tested, bulletproof components. It’s been a team effort too – Jayne calling on friends, family and local specialsits to help realise her vision.

Expect to see the Cortina evolve as 2018 gets underway – the current Fast Road 2.1 Pinto is merely the first part of a three-stage powertrain plan. A supercharged Pinto is next, then a Mk2 Focus ST conversion is planned for the future – and why not?

So, huge congratulations to Jayne. If you missed the original Classic Ford feature from the July 2017 issue, you can download it as a PDF here.

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