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The UK’s newest classic car club has been launched by the Great British Car Journey which opened its doors earlier this year

The Great British Car Club celebrates diversity, welcoming enthusiasts of any old cars regardless of age, value or country of origin. Richard Usher, founder and CEO of Great British Car Journey explained why he has launched the new club:

“Having been a member of numerous clubs, I have noticed that younger enthusiasts and even oldies like me, have become less fixated on a single make and that enthusiasm for old cars now covers a very broad spectrum of makes and models and I wanted to create a club which represented this.”

As well as giving member unlimited visits access to the Great British Car Journey attraction and its facilities, membership of the new club aims to connect classic car enthusiasts through special events, newsletters and online forums as well as offering discounts on products and access to a specialist classic car insurer.

“There are hundreds of excellent car clubs who are doing a great job encouraging interest in and the use of old cars, but we have the luxury of facilities at Great British Car Journey which we can put at our members’ disposal.”

Annual membership of the club is from just £31. Find out more at

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