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This month we catch up with Vicki Keeble of ST170 Owners to find out more about the online-based group that celebrates everything rev-happy Focus.

When was ST170 Owners first founded? 

The club was started in October 2014 — a few of us had been members of various Focus- based clubs, but there wasn’t anything that catered solely for the ST170 model. Why? We were passionate about sharing our love for these models, so we decided to have a go ourselves. Our aim was to share our passion and knowledge with other owners which to this day we continue to do.

How many active members does the club currently have? 

The first night the group was created we had over 300 people join, and we have continued to grow ever since. The club currently has around 5000 active members on our Facebook group.

Which models does the club cater for?

Mainly the Focus ST170, however we do have many members that have moved on to different vehicles but stick around because they still love the cars and the group. 

What does the club offer to new members?

As we mainly operate via Facebook we don’t have a membership package, but what we lack there we more than make up for in free help and advice our members offer. We do have club merchandise available and all members are allocated a member number when they join, which they can choose to have an engraved plaque displaying their number.

Can you describe a typical club member?

Our members are amazing, they offer their help and advice freely, no matter how many times the same question may have been asked. They are passionate about the ST170 and strive to maintain their vehicle to the best standards that they can.

Our members are extremely generous in terms of helping each other out, we have on more than a couple of occasions raised money for individual members, one case being when a member’s home was damaged in a fire and they had to start again, another member had their car stolen and the whole group came together to help them get back on the road. 

What shows and events do ST170 Owners usually attend?

We attend all major Ford events throughout the year — including Ford Fair — we also attend some smaller events, too. Our show season is normally kicked off with a club visit to the Ace Cafe. We have attended for the last six years — unfortunately last year was cancelled due to COVID — and each year we raise funds for a different charity. 

We are always open to member suggestions too, as we love getting out and about.

What’s the best thing about being a member of the club?

The members! Over the years many of them have become more like family. Don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of our members have to say: Matthew Hudson says, “Everyone is so helpful when a question is asked”. 

Troy Kingsley adds, “I like coming to a place where I’m surrounded by different people who love the same car! And everyone is as helpful as can be.” Kevin Raybould confirms, “The best thing about the club is the chat, the help, and the banter.” And Nick Turner concludes, “Out of all the car groups I’ve been part of, this one is the friendliest. The wealth of knowledge is vast and any problem or question you’re facing can easily be resolved within this group.”

Where would you like to see the club in five years time?

We’d love to see the passion we have continue, and see people realise that the ST170 is still one of the most exciting, normally-aspirated cars in the world and a real future classic. 

We very much hope that the cars will still be loved for what they are and continue to be used and not left to rust away and or be broken for parts.  

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Instagram: @st170owners


Models covered: Focus ST170 

Cost to join: free

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