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We’ve featured some stunning Fords in the last 12 months, now you can vote for your favourite Classic Ford Of The Year 2020!


Choose the classic Ford you want to vote for from the selection below, then head to the voting booth and cast your vote.

classic ford of the year 2020

Car A. Popular 100E 

Owner: Dave Caley

Featured:December 2019

Revealed at The Great Unveiling earlier in the year, Dave’s Pop is a proper crowd-pleaser with subtle looks and a 2-litre Zetec swap.

classic ford of the year 2020

Car B. Capri 280

Owner: Allan Brown

Featured:July 2020

Completely restored by Steadspeed, Allan’s rare Turbo Technics-converted Brookie has to be one of the UK’s best.

Car C. Mk1 Fiesta

Owner: Ben Gibbs
Featured: December 2019

Who would be mad enough to bolt a 500 bhp ST170 turbo motor behind the front seats? Ben obviously, and this engineered Mk1 is the bonkers result.

Van D. Anglia 307E

Owner: Michael Wood
Featured: May/June 2020

A street racer, and with a cleverly-installed hot Pinto, it Michael’s van scores highly in the custom touches arena, too.

Car E. Consul Corsair

Owner: Lee Saywell
Featured: August 2020

If the Pro Street-style rear wheels don’t give the game away, then the exhaust note will — Lee’s longterm V8 project finally saw completion this year and it was well worth the wait.

Car F. Mk1 Capri

Owner: David Challenger
Featured: August 2020

If David’s restored 1600 XL isn’t as close to a showroom-spec Mk1, then we don’t know what is. Simply stunning.

Car G. Mk1 Fiesta

Builder: Guido Pitzen
Featured: March 2020

Destined for the Nürburgring, this frantic ex-Group A Fiesta built by Guido and powered by an all-steel Crossflow is right up there.

Car H. Mk2 Mexico

Owner: Wayne Arrowsmith
Featured: October 2020

Some 14 years in the making, Wayne’s genuine Mexico is about as a good as a classic-tuned Mk2 can get with all the period-correct kit — and a 200-plus bhp Pinto.

Car I. Taunus TC 

Owner: David Jeggo
Featured: October 2020

David went looking for a project and stumbled across a rare (for the UK) Taunus. Schmidts and IDF carbs add the cool factor.

classic ford of the year 2020

Car J. Mk1 Escort

Owner: Paul Wood
Featured: February 2020

It was built for track days but somehow Paul was able to turn out an ST170-powered show-winner , with mesmerising attention to the details.

classic ford of the year 2020

Car K. Mk5 Cortina

Owner: Stephen Hume
Featured: Spring 2020

Built to recreate his ’80s youth, Stephen’s era-correct, 2-litre two-door is an exercise  in nostalgia — fluffy dice, Feu Orange air freshener and all.

classic ford of the year 2020

Car L. Mk4 Escort

Owner: Oliver Preston
Featured: September 2020

Oliver scores extra bonus points for his carb-fed Zetec-powered Bonus with stunning bodywork and Peugeot steels. How a sleeper should be built.


Choose the classic Ford you want to vote for from the selection above, then head to the voting booth.

Voting closes on Monday, November 9, 2020. The overall Classic Ford Of The Year 2020 will be revealed in the January 2021 issue of Classic Ford, on sale November 27, 2020.

Thanks for voting!

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