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Need to fill in some holes after removing that side trim or old wing mirrors? Here’s how to braze up holes.

how to braze up holes

With holes that aren’t worth replacing metal for, brazing is ideal. Start by cleaning back the surfaces. 

how to braze up holes

Using oxy-acetylene, heat the metal up and find the point where the copper begins to take to the steel.

how to braze up holes

The trick is to heat both metals up to just the right temperature, balancing finely between the two. Practice makes perfect here.

Once that’s done, use a soft sanding disc to flat the metal down until it’s all smooth again.

The finished result should look like this. This is a good alternative to welding and just as strong — making it ideal to fill small holes like the ones left from a door mirror.

Words Simon Holmes

Thanks to Colin Ginn

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