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For performance on a budget, the Zetec into Mk3 Escort swap makes perfect sense. Here’s the basics of how to do it.

zetec into mk3 escort

Mk3s have always been a popular weapon of choice in the classic Ford scene, because you can still pick one up for a reasonable price compared to the older Escorts. Yet they still have the styling cues and retro looks that we all hanker for. However if you buy a low-spec model you may feel the wheezy old 1.1 or 1.3 engine isn’t up to the job, or if it’s a sportier model the 1.6 CVH might have had one too many joy rides up the high street, resulting in a tired old block. So it’s time to look for an alternative, and tested Zetec option.

Because they are an evolution from the CVH engines they are very compatible and are a cost-effective way of getting more bang for your buck – from fire-breathing, turbocharged creations, through to simple yet effective single-carb variants. It all depends what you want from the car and of course your budget. A standard 130 spec Zetec on its original EFi fuel injection would be a great start in such a small car. They are relatively easy to fit, it will go like stink and still return reasonable miles to the gallon.

To download the feature as a PDF, click here: Engine Swap Guide: Zetec into Mk3 Escort

This engine swap guide first appeared in the August 2014 issue of Classic Ford

classic ford august 2014

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