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You can give any classic Ford cool status by lowering it and getting the stance right. We show you how to lower your Pop 100E the easy way with the help of Old Ford Auto Services.

“I want to get my 100E to Ford Fair — lowered.” That was the statement Matt Stanley said to me a couple of weeks ago…

Not particularly tricky you might say. But the thing is, Matt’s 17, only holds a provisional licence and the 100E is his first car. He’s also an apprentice mechanic at St Albans Car Clinic, renowned in fast Ford circles for producing and modifying very quick Focus RSs, Fiesta STs and basically anything modern, quick and Ford. It’s puzzling then, that Matt should choose a 100E — by comparison, old and probably one of the slowest cars on the planet.

But then Matt has his dad, Nigel to thank for the serious dose of influence. He’s into hot rods and customs, and currently his ride is an air-bagged V8 Pilot so it doesn’t take much detective work to understand Matt’s choice.

The concept of a virtually standard classic Ford, but lowered, is pretty sound. Who cares if it’s not quick? If you’re 17, the last thing you actually want is a quick car — what you need is something that’s different and above all, cool.

So the challenge was on — we had two weeks before Ford Fair, and what we needed was a plan. And the only way to do that was to get some help and advice from the people that know. So we went and checked out Old Ford Auto Services (OFAS) who know modifiying the 100E range inside out.

To download the feature as a PDF, click here: How to lower your Pop 100E

This tech guide first appeared in the October 2009 issue of Classic Ford

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