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Think you can’t afford to fit a Zetec into your classic Ford? Use standard management and you can — here’s how to run factory EFi.

how to run factory efi

Our Engine Swaps Made Easy guide in the June 2009 issue uncovered that it costs the fat end of four grand to swap a Zetec into virtually anything rear-wheel drive. To be fair, a whopping chunk of this is the induction and ECU because you can’t run a Zetec on standard injection can you? There is no choice but to fit either sidedraughts or throttle bodies, and this can make a two grand-sized whole in your wallet.

And when you do, there’s the fact that the master cylinders are in the way in virtually everything, meaning a bias pedal box, loads more malarkey and a phone call to a debt counsellor… Or does it? Actually no, because legendary engine transplanter, Steve Taylor is here to prove everyone wrong by doing it his way.

“Why throw away a perfectly-good fuel-injection system, which Ford spent millions on perfecting and developing, in favour of at worst, carbs or at best, a mega-expensive set of throttle bodies?”

Controversial stuff maybe, but he’s got a point and a good one, too. Let’s think for a minute — what if all you want is a car with good power that starts first time, every time — very much like your modern car sitting on the drive? What you need is the guts of said car transplanted into your classic — exactly like a standard Zetec’s EEC IV-based fuel injection system…

Yes, it does go against the grain but it’s not such a daft idea. Popular belief is that you can’t tune it — well you can. In fact, the standard fuel-injection system is good to around 155 bhp — that’s virtually a full-race Crossflow and you haven’t even taken the head off! Let alone the convenience that fuel injection brings…

Steve guided us through the process he’s chosen using a customer’s Consul Classic; a car that looks very much like a sleeper yet will catch a few out.

how to run factory efi

To view/download the full guide as a PDF, click here: How to run factory EFi in your classic Ford

This guide first appeared in the August 2009 issue of Classic Ford magazine

how to run factory efi

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