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Want a hot ‘60s Ford for the street but with a bigger-capacity motor that still looks like the original? Here’s what you need to know to put together a hybrid Pre-Crossflow motor using a Pre-Crossflow head and Crossflow bottom end with the help of Throbnozzle Racing.

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There’s a movement right now for fitting the right engine in the right car — a MkI Cortina with a Pre-Crossflow or indeed a 105E Anglia with the same, and there are plenty more examples, too… But with these ’60s Fords it always has been the logical step to go straight for a bigger capacity unit like the Crossflow — they’re 1600cc for starters and they virtually bolt straight in.

You could argue that a Kent engine is a Kent engine whether in Crossflow or Pre-Crossflow form, but if you’re after period correctness then the later engine doesn’t really look right. The issue is, if you want lots of performance, the Pre-Crossflow’s maximum standard capacity is a mere 1498cc, or 1558cc if you use a Lotus configuration. You can get these engines to perform, but it’s far easier with more capacity in the first place.

The Crossflow block has the potential for more — the standard practice now is a plus 0.090 inch overbore resulting in a 1700 (actually 1688cc). But there is greater power waiting if you use the right base — the South African-made AX block has the potential for 2-litres if you want a challenge.

What can you do if you want to keep your ’60s Ford looking, well, ’60s? On the faced of it, the two series of engine are extremely similar — they’re both Kents so why can’t you simply bolt a Pre-Crossflow head on Crossflow bottom end? Well, there are widely-known fundamental differences — like the combustion chamber being in the piston in the later engine and therefore has a corresponding flat-faced head.

Combining the two isn’t difficult, though with the scarcity of original parts there are a few challenges. We take a look at the practical and traditional methods of a big-block Pre-Crossflow with Joe Allenby-Byrne at Throbnozzle Engineering.

To download the feature as a PDF, click here: Build It: Hybrid Pre-Crossflow

This tech guide first appeared in the January 2013 issue of Classic Ford

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