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The thinking man’s Capri? Ford’s once-common saloon offers masses of potential that, given a little thought and effort, can be right up there in the styling and tuning stakes with its sportier coupé cousin — here are your Mk5 and Mk4 Cortina project ideas courtesy of Simon Coulson.

mk4 cortina project

Our first offering is based on the earlier Mk4 model with its classic looks enhanced by a subtle shade of grey and just enough chrome to offer some retro class without looking old fashioned. The grille is based on the top-spec Ghia item, but with a different mesh in the centre. Under each arch you’ll find a TH Mono wheel by Compomotive — chosen partly due to their resemblance to the original Ghia alloys and partly because they look jolly nice, thank you. Naturally the suspension tweaks include some height adjustment (downwards, of course!) and power comes courtesy of something from Ford’s later line-up that ends in ‘tec’.

It’s wagon time again! The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice some drastic changes in the entry department… yep, it’s got long doors, sourced either from a two-door model (a bit on the rare side to take the proverbial axe to, mind) or the results of some genius manoeuvres in the metalwork department. Under that flat bonnet you’ll find a carb-fed Essex borrowed from an unsuspecting Capri, which also goes some way to explain how that ‘S’ stripe found its way along the bottom of the doors on each side. It’s the sports estate that Ford didn’t make! 

Rolling stock takes the form of some South London-influenced, small-diameter split rims completing a stance package that began with a healthy drop in the suspension department. Go on, turn back a couple of pages and see if there’s any in the classifieds!

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