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It’s Monday, which can only mean one thing — some project car inspiration courtesy of Simon Coulson in the shape of the Mk3 Orion and Anglia Estate.

mk2 orion

Ford never made a two-door version of the Orion, and looking at our concept, you have to wonder why. In theory, it’s a relatively simple conversion, based around Mk5 Escort three-door doors naturally, and a relocated B-pillar and cut-down rear side glass — sounds simple when you put it like that, doesn’t it? We’ve smoothed the front bumper at the same time, then resprayed the whole shell in Radiant Red. As our former LX is now looking more muscular, we’ve elected to fit a set of polished Chrysler 500C 7.5×18 inch wheels on adaptors, which look remarkably like bigger versions of the Mk5 RS2000’s alloys, and speaking of which, it’s that model’s engine you’ll find under the bonnet, with a 2.3 bottom end, naturally. Just add the Recaro-based interior from the same source, and it’s time to hit your local RS Owners’ Club meet and stir things up.

Fresh back from a trip to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Simon has gone all Pro Touring on us with this Anglia Estate. With the project car already stripped, we can get stuck right in with any metal repairs before some subtle work to the shell can commence, including deseaming the roof gutters, door handles and the rear valence, and reworking the window frames to accept one-piece windows, which — two-tone paint aside — are arguably the most stand-out mod on this Anglebox. Speaking of paint, the lower half is a custom metallic Butternut Gold shade, while the top is straight black, with contrasting fluoro orange stripe added to the waistline and the ground effects kit. Ground effects? Oh yes, custom made in carbon fibre, too (along with the bumpers, side trim and light surrounds). Wheels are 17 and 18 inch Salt Flats Specials tucked right up into the arches (thanks to custom suspension), while keeping it modern but decidedly British, power comes courtesy of a 24-valve Cosworth V6, delicately shoehorned into the engine bay. Inside, it’s Pro Touring all the way, with diamond-stitched race buckets and digital/analogue gauges — just what you need to keep an eye on the vitals as you blast across the Nevada Desert towards Vegas in time for next year’s SEMA-induced hangover.

Words Simon Woolley

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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