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They’re big and relatively cheap, so let’s do something about those looks with these Granada Scorpio project ideas.

Opinion is still polarised in the classic Ford scene about the old Granada Scorpio; there are some that appreciate the luxury and general waftiness of Ford’s executive barge and others who see them as nothing more than a donor car.

granada scorpio

Whichever side you fall on, it’s pretty hard to ignore the fact that right now, they’re the cheapest rear-wheel-drive Ford you can get. So how can you make them cooler? Our first option is capitalising on that high-spec luxury image. When you’re choosing your base car make sure it has as many toys as it can get — you want leather, cruise, air con, the lot. Once you’ve got that sorted it’s time to give it the VIP treatment: slamming it on the floor over some big rims. The VIP look has its roots in Japanese car culture but the trend is spreading fast. You’ll have no doubt noticed the negative camber, which is all part of the look — the sillier the better. It’ll cost you roadholding and probably a few sets of tyres but you’ll be the championing the VIP style in the process and that’s all that counts, right?

Next up is the ‘bugeye’, which must be in the running as the ugliest Ford ever. That’s not going to stop us having a go though. The estate is a natural choice, as the back end is almost normal-looking! The wagon has had a quick makeover consisting of some smoothing and a coat of matt green paint, a lowering job and a set of plus-sized rims found on a certain luxury German brand’s products. The wheels are painted black along with the majority of the trim and the military look that has appeared is garnished with some relevant stencilling in white.

Inside things can be as bare or as comfy as you like — the stripped out look would suit the military ethos but would you want to throw away all those posh goodies? If either look takes your fancy there is one thing that applies — go and find one now while you can afford it.

Words and illustrations Simon Coulson

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