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Street-racer, or Z-car Q-car… you decide, then go out and build it! Here’s two Mk1 Zephyr project ideas courtesy of Simon Coulson.

If there’s one car that has a history in the UK for street racers then it has to be the Zephyr. Those of you with a knowledge of cult American road movies will have no doubt clocked the reference on the first, the lead character from the film Two Lane Blacktop. That car was a 1955 Chevrolet, but there’s no reason to think that, if the film was set in the UK, it couldn’t have been a Zephyr. So that’s what we’ve got: a straight-axled, slick shod, primer grey, flip fronted Zephyr with a 427 cu.inch Big Block Chevy — not something you’d want to be messing with at the lights.

mk1 zephyr zodiac project

Car number two is the sleeper end of the theory. There are two trains of thought where Q-cars are concerned — those that give nothing away visually to their true potential and those that hint at it without it being obvious to the untrained eye…our Consul is the latter. We’re talking stock bodywork, lashings of original chrome and a factory interior but with a twist. The first clue is the stance with the car sitting a tad lower than Henry intended. Clue two is the rolling stock — they’re cream steels, but in a size that definitely wasn’t on the options list. The rims run without embellishment — no hubcaps or trims — and are positively Pro-street (Pro-sleep, in this case) in proportion — narrow up front and dustbin-dished at the back. Even an enthusiast would never guess that there’s a twin-turbo Lexus V8 under the bonnet. Yes, Lexus. I wonder which car would win?

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