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Time for to take a leftfield approach to these legends – check out these project car ideas for the Mk2 Consul and Zephyr courtesy of Simon Coulson.

The Mk2 Z-Cars with their fins and chrome are a natural choice for customising and have a strong history of modification around the world, from the dragstrip to the showfield. Drawing on the experience of those who have already got their hands dirty seems natural and whacking a 302 small-block in the bay seems like a pretty smart move… but how can you make your particular part of this history stand out?

mk2 consul

First up we’ve gone for the modern but not over-the-top approach. The bodywork is almost entirely stock with the exception of a bit of de-cluttering and de-chroming, the door handles have gone in the ‘sell to restorer’ box, as have the side trim strips. The remaining trim has received the same treatment as the bodywork: a coat of super shiny gloss black. To break up all that black, some minty highlights have been added to the wheel rims, grille and that relocated Consul badge. Inside the right combination of sport and luxury should follow the colour theme — mostly black with a hint of mint. 

Our next effort is, to be honest, a bit of a pretender… it’s a fake. Starting with a solid but unrestored Zed is your best bet and then all you have to do is add a bit of ‘period’ lettering, to pull this look off you’ll need to be a bit handy with a brush or have access to an old school signwriter (the bloke who does the signs down your local might do it for a pint) — vinyl cut lettering will not suffice. Once you’ve got the lettering on, start rubbing it off again — you’re going for an aged look. To continue the theme, get the hubcaps off, paint the steels black, squeeze on some chunky tyres and chuck the bumpers in the corner of the workshop. 

Under the bonnet, if you don’t fancy a V8 then hunting down a Raymond Mays conversion would fit the theme well (if you can afford it). Personally, we’d leave the interior stock — a big red cracked-leather bench seat to slide across when you’re throwing the old girl round bends at inappropriate speeds sounds perfect to us.

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