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Once the pride of top-level fleet drivers, the boxiest Granada of all is now sought after by plenty outside of luxury-minded Fordites, too — here’s what to do with your Mk2 Granada project courtesy of Simon Coulson

Transit too mainstream for you? Escort van too small? This might be your answer. Granny’s Speed Shop has got itself a mighty fine rolling advert.

There’s no rocket science here: the rear doors are welded up and the windows panelled over in sheet steel. Old style steels are wrapped in chunky red band tyres and the pale green body is dropped over the top a bit closer to the floor than Henry intended. A red pinstripe runs all the way around the car accentuating the kink on the rear quarter and visually linking the red from the company logo to the tyres.

Speed isn’t necessary for parts hauling, but a Cossie 24-valver seems hard to resist. Go Granny, go!

mk2 granada project

Our red wine-hued example is done in what we’ll call a Euro VIP style: start with the highest-spec model you can find (a Ghia X perhaps?) and then make it better. Perfect paint complements the polished Audi TT rims that are sitting up in those arches to create a stance that’d make any lowrider jealous. The hardest part? Getting those Lincoln-esque suicide doors to work would be a massive job, but worth it as that one difficult, yet subtle mod is the car’s trump card. You’ve got yourself one seriously special, luxury cruiser right there.

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