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Give your Mk3 Escort project a serious style injection courtesy of Simon Coulson.

OK, so a number of readers would rather see strange scabs appear on their manhood than a Mexico badge on a Mk3 Escort, but get over it, it’s happened — and just look how good the results could be. Plus, let’s not forget, if Ford had the audacity to brand a version of the Mk6 as a Mexico then a Mk3 is practically legitimate. 

The key here is taking ingredients that work so typically well on the Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts and transferring it to their boxy, front-wheel drive sibling. Here we’ve gone for a vibrant Signal Orange with yellow Mexico detailing, with satin black bumpers, mirrors, spoiler and window surrounds: simple yet effective. Signal yellow with orange details would be nearly as cool.

Of course the wheel of choice is a set of polished four-spoke style rims and stretched rubber-band tyres, tucked up into the arches with a maximum slam at both front and rear. Inside we’re thinking RS1600i Recaros and a screaming CVH or maybe a ZVH upgrade up front, to try and maintain some simple, traditional Mexico style. Both on a dirty great pair of downdraughts, obviously. Nice.

mk3 escort project

The second inspiration we’ve gone for is unlikely to upset as many purists, but it’s going to annoy plenty at the lights. We’re thinking a proper old man sludge browny-grey, on the deck with some diamond cut, polished, BBS split-rims. Simplicity is key, with no chrome or spoilers, just some simple satin black detailing and a hard slam. 

Under the bonnet the only way is a screaming, all-steel 2.1 Zetec on throttle bodies for a hard-edged soundtrack, slipped inside an immaculately-presented engine bay, with wires, header tanks and ancillaries hidden away in the inner wings in a VW style — a twin-cam on bodies is a glorious sight, and the Mk3 bay is prime for showing them off. 

Now, get out there and do it, and don’t forget to send us the pics. 

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