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It’s the turn of the haulers, with themes inspired by the moving picture for these two Thames van projects courtesy of Simon Coulson. 

There can’t be many Anglia owners who haven’t heard their car being called a ‘Harry Potter car’ and let’s be honest, it doesn’t do much for your credibility when your awesome stance or the sound of your carbs sucking in air are overshadowed by a scene from a kids’ film. So do you bury your head in the sand and forget about the Weasleys? Or do you embrace it, turning a negative into a positive? You get to drive a very cool van while the Potterazzi are left scratching their heads everywhere you go.

Finding a base for your phantom security van is probably the hardest part — 307Es aren’t exactly commonplace. After that it’s just a few simple steps: a set of Lotus rims, a windowless one-piece rear door (it’s a security measure — you don’t want your knuts stolen!), Gringotts livery and a whack with the lowering wand is all that’s called for. The final result? Magic.

thames van

The second of our victims this week can cite YouTube as the instigator for its current state, to be specific the offering from extreme sportsman, rally and gymkhana driver Ken Block, whose exploits in a 600+ horsepower Fiesta would have even the most sensible man contemplating the benefits of a side-exit exhaust. The exhaust is just the beginning though, you’ll have no doubt noticed the slightly, er… unusual colour scheme, lifted from that tyre-smoking Fiesta.

It doesn’t have to be as difficult or as permanent as it looks though — a good vinyl-wrapping firm could transform your significantly less outlandish Thames van with a bit of stretching and sticking, the only thing left to do is paint a set of old Slotmags in a matching green and you’re ready to hit the drag strip and burn some rubber.

Words and illustrations Simon Coulson

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