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You could restore your Z-car back to factory standard, or you could do this! Here are two Mk3 Zephyr Zodiac project ideas to kick start the week courtesy of Simon Coulson

zephyr zodiac project

You might need to sit down for this… Imagine there was no Capri. In fact imagine there was no Escort, no Cortina, no Anglia — none of the ‘normal’ classic Fords that make up the majority of the rides in this ’ere publication. What a ghastly thought.

Now, without the Capri (or the Escort) what would Erich Zakowski have based his legendary European touring car racers on? In truth, he probably wouldn’t have looked toward the big Mk3 Zephyr, but we have never let little things like facts stop this page being interesting in the past, so why would we start now?

Yes, you’re looking at a Zakspeed Zephyr. In the unlikely event that anyone would actually build one, here’s the recipe: take one Zephyr (we’ve used a ’65, but anything from ’62 to ’66 will do), a BDA, a sprinkling of forced induction, a tube chassis and a ridiculous wide arch body. Mix them all together for a few years (in a garage, ideally), garnish with a garish but historically accurate colour scheme and serve. Behold: the ZakZeph.

Less outlandish, but no less cool is our second creation. If you can find one, the estate is the ideal candidate, but a saloon-based version will still make for a pretty fine car. Bodily, you’re looking at something pretty stock, in the interests of cleanliness some of the badges haven’t made it back on after the application of that understated two-tone paint scheme, but lots of chromework remains to keep the classic feel. 

Lift that lovely bonnet and you’ll find a detailed 24-valve Cossie V6 looking all shiny, modern and smooth. Suspension is low, with a set of deep dish five-spoke rims at each corner wrapped in red band tyres — the band echoing the pinstripe on the body. Come to think of it, it would make the perfect tow car for the ZakZeph wouldn’t it? What a combo.

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