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  • Engine Swap: Capri Cosworth 24-valve

    Engine Swap: Capri Cosworth 24-valve

    19th January 2017

    How to get a BOA/BOB V6 into the Mk1, Mk2 or Mk3 to create your own Capri Cosworth in 10 steps. The Capri has a whopping engine bay that will swallow almost anything whole. But one of the most natural…

  • Top 10 Budget Mods

    Top 10 Budget Mods

    7th July 2016

    Making your classic Ford go harder and look cooler for less – here are our top 10 budget mods. 1. Install an uprated anti-roll bar Bigger is better, and if you want to improve your wibbly wobbly cornering tendencies then…