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Two overlooked Fords, two different approaches courtesy of Simon Coulson: the Consul Classic and Mk4 Zephyr. You know what to do!

mk4 zephyr

Proportionally, the Mk4 Zephyr has always looked a bit uncomfortable, but we have the solution is here. A wave of the magic weldy-wand and hey presto — a much more muscular Z-car. Clearly there’s a lot of work involved with a two-door conversion, but the results might just be worth it, the stretch of the doors works in conjunction with the length of that massive bonnet to create something very different from the barge it started as.

Underneath the massaged body, a Jaguar donor car has donated most of the mechanicals including a tasty V8 and some suitable stoppers which also allow the fitment of a set of massive, US-sourced five-spokes. Finally, a coat of metallic blue paint shows off the lines to perfection. Build this and the drinks are on us!

What’s the best way to make your Lotus replica stand out from the rest? Start with the wrong car! Gone are the days when the Classic was merely a strut-donor for Anglias, this example would certainly get people scratching their heads.

Think of how many double-takes you’d get and how many times you’d hear, “Nice Cortina… hang on, what the…”? The recipe is simple — apply as much or as little Lotus as you like. Obviously, the paint is the major reference but you don’t have to stop there; Lotus steels or a set of Minilites? Woodrim steering wheel? Les Leston buckets? How about a Lotus twink, or maybe something more recent with a pair of 45s and a crackle-painted cam cover? Don’t be surprised though if we send the boys round to get it featured.

Words and illustrations Simon Coulson

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