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The woody Cortina project finally gets realised — only in digital form.

The world often felt like a small place before social media, but now it can feel tiny at times.
I had a chance encounter with a guy called Mal at the Classic Ford Show back in 2014, we were making camp the night before the show when this guy wondered over to check my Cortina out. Me from Bristol, him from Newcastle, we met in a field in the Midlands and that was that.

woody cortina

But a few years later we did meet again, only this time it was on Instagram. Mal was starting to post his automotive artwork and it looked great. He then started to take commissions and as a promotional tool drew my Cortina, which he’d seen at Santa Pod and which I was understandably chuffed about. I described it as a caricature of my car although Mal describes his style as ‘cartoonised but with a lot of realism thrown in, certain aspects are quite heavily exaggerated and forced but balanced by elements of realism’. It’s a style which he has been developing over the years which you can see in his posts on Instagram, and which I think look brilliant and if I dare say quite fun.

Drawing wood

More recently, as inspiration for the planned rebirth of my woody, I asked Mal to draw it for me. I had to wait my turn as he’d got a number of commissions already in line (it’s a part-time hobby for him), but when it was my time the care he was taking was obvious, with additional photos requested to show details. From his posts I imagined Mal was a bit of a wheel nerd, so I thought it would be fun to get some help with deciding on my wheel choice. In the end I didn’t receive just one image, I received a number of digital images showing the different wheel options, with my favoured two in print form. Mal often likes to publish teasers along the way with the first image he posted being the selection of wheels, but the one which amused me most was the car hovering there, with no wheels at all.

 It may just be a part time hobby for Mal but the care and attention he puts into everything obvious, and very professional. I’d be happy to display some of his packaging let along the enclosed artwork. But the main event is of course the image of your car which is a Giclee print. I know nothing about these things, but it looks fantastic, again a professional finish which looks great in a frame up on the wall.

Now all I have to do is to imitate art: I’d better get out in the garage and get the rebirth going!

This update own Gavin’s woody Cortina first appeared in the August 2020 issue

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