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Some engine installs create a never-ending to-do list, but Simon’s finding this one is going together a little too easily on his VTEC Fiesta Mk2.

Since the last update, in which the engine and gearbox were mounted in the ‘bay, work has been concentrated on some of the smaller things. For a start, there was the rear engine mount, to reduce engine movement. A few different ideas were knocked up for this, but in the end, the choice was made to use the original Honda rear mount and adapt that to fit. The reason being was simply that it was more substantial and better placed, which was ideal for futureproofing. With turbocharging and drag racing on the cards in the future, there was no point in doing it twice. 

vtec fiesta

With that in place the Honda gear linkage could then be offered up to see where it placed. Thankfully, it cleared with virtually no issue and it even located in the correct place once it was bolted up.

Next came the inlet manifold, which we initially thought would have to be replaced by a smaller aftermarket, or even custom item. However, with a little manoeuvring, and relocating the idle speed control valve fitting, it slid straight in making the engine look a lot more complete. 

vtec fiesta

As we started to work out where things would place together, it was time to start looking at the brake servo and pedal box. I was 100 per cent sure I didn’t want an aftermarket bias pedal box on this build — it’s a personal preference thing. But that meant utilising the original set-up as best we could. Initially, I tried looking for a left-hand-drive pedal and brake set-up, as these didn’t feature a linkage bar to move the servo over, like they do on a right-hand-drive car. However, it proved to be hard so we just started playing around with the original by removing the bar set-up and seeing what was left. As it would happen, with just a couple of tiny modifications, it bolted straight up! All it needs is the linkage from the pedal itself to mate to the servo, but it lines up perfectly. Another item ticked off the list before it all comes apart so the engine bay can be painted…

This Our Cars update on Simon’s VTEC Fiesta first appeared in the October 2018 issue

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