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A Mk3 Transit track toy and kustom Mk2 Zodiac? All in a days work for Simon Coulson as he reveals two more project car ideas to keep you entertained

Straight out of our own classified section, this one is simple but still a showstopper. No need to spend years welding in the garage and collecting bits, just buy a good ’un and make a few kustom tweaks. A little smoothing is all it takes: we’ve lost the badges and the door handles (but kept most of the chrome). Fender skirts are a classic custom touch and make a massive difference to the overall look especially when paired with the air suspension system. If you can see the back wheels it’s too high!

mk3 transit

Only the looniest of loonies would look at this Mk3 Transit and think, ‘That’d make a good track toy’. We’ve taken off the bed and replaced it with some non-structural panelling that shares swage lines with the cab, wider arches and side skirts help to cover those big NASCAR-style rims with yellow-lettered tyres. A cage tied to the original chassis looks good, saves weight and stiffens it all while a mid-mounted V8 would do wonders for weight distribution and provide lots of go. Doesn’t look quite right? It’s been sectioned, meaning a horizontal slice has been lopped out of the body. It’s not that obvious — just enough to have people wondering what you’ve done.

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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