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Simon Coulson goes back to the (1980s) old school with this BMX-inspired Mk4 Escort and Pro Touring Taunus 20M.

With under 50 cars left on the UK roads, the Taunus is an undoubtedly rare beast. Which is why this 20M Coupe, discovered for sale on Retro-Rides is such a find. It looks a little tatty but the price seems reasonable and how often do right-hand-drive Taunusses (Taunii?) turn up? I suspect if you missed this one you’d have quite a wait for
the next. 

We’ve chosen the Pro Touring look for this rarity: The ultimate combination of performance, style and function,  the pro-touring angle is more often applied to US muscle cars with Camaros and Mustangs being the popular choice.  With this in mind, we’ve gone for a classic muscle colour scheme, the orange paint complimented by a black vinyl roof and interior: straight-up ‘70s flavour. Lift the bonnet and you’ll find a healthy US-derived V8, anything less just won’t do. Suspension-wise, down is the only way to go, but it’s got to handle too, a trait that’s helped considerably by sticky low profile rubber mounted on 18 inch billet rims. You’d probably have to remortgage the house to pay for it, but fire it up, take it for a spin and you’ll forget all about it — but don’t worry, the missus will remind you as soon as you get back!

mk4 escort

I reckon it’s reasonable to assume that the majority of readers are into old school Fords. Being in possession of the best Ford mag in existence already proves you’ve got a taste for the classics. How about music? Have you got a penchant for RUN DMC? Rob Base and EZ Rock? What about bicycles? Does the paint scheme on this Escort look familiar? It does? Yep, you’re old school, alright! 

For those of you not in the know, this Escort is sporting the colours of the classic Raleigh Team Burner. We found the car on Retro-Rides and have been struggling not to buy it ever since. Mk4 Escorts are getting scarcer and finding one that isn’t an XR or RS (or hasn’t been turned into one) is becoming increasingly difficult. Buy one while you can still afford it is our advice. Why the old school BMX flavour? Because of the wheels — it doesn’t take much to send you down a particular path and in this case the Skyway-like nature of those white five-spokes was all the impetus required. Once the decision was made, it was out with the (virtual) masking tape and into the (virtual) booth. Stick a matching bike on the roof and you’ll have 40-somethings worshipping you wherever you go.

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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