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Nice one, top one, sorted: Ade Brannan’s Mk2 Granada stars in a film about rave culture in 1990s Glasgow.

With the Mk2 Granada’s cooling system given a once over it wasn’t long before it was put to work. And by ‘work’ I mean that literally! 

mk2 granada

Yes both my Granada and my Trace, my girlfriend’s Escort were cast as extras in a film called Beats about rave culture set in Glasgow in the early ’90s. The scene our cars were used in was based in a field based car park beside an illegal rave where the main characters plus seemingly hundreds of extras would file through.

Refreshingly there was no bufty action needed for the cars that night. In fact the crew actively wanted the cars to be dirty for the authentic look. So a quick donut in the mud sorted that out! Nothing worse than overly-perfect shiny cars in period films, especially when the likes of the Granada would be over a decade old at that time! The night of filming was long, but also interesting and entertaining seeing behind the scenes of a film production. Fingers crossed our two old Fords make the cut!


The Mk2 Granada may be like new underneath, but it needs a good bit of cosmetic work up top. This may be scratching the surface, but when I heard of Sunderland-based, Hydro Monkeys branching out into a new venture called Spray Chromed I knew I had exactly the right thing to try it on. The Granada has two odd mirrors, the passenger side being matt black instead of the original chrome suggesting it had been replaced. Why not just get a chrome one to match? Well the left-hand-drive mirrors are completely different in their angle and glass. Plus even the fact that the passenger mirror is electrically adjustable too from the factory (which I have never seen in a UK model), and that they are rare pre-facelift versions too meant that picking up a matching chrome version seemed quite unlikely!

This is where Spray Chromed service of being able to replicate chrome plating with their water based two stage mirror like finishes. The process looks just like conventional painting, but the results look exactly like conventional chrome plating. The main advantages being that any material can be treated and it’s also much cheaper than chroming too!

mk2 granada

The results look great, and definitely a process which will be of great use to classic car owners.

This article first appeared in the February 2018 issue

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