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The running gear on Gavin’s Cosworth Mk1 Cortina project is all coming together — time to get a custom exhaust made up for it, then…

cosworth mk1 cortina

The Cosworth YB has been sat in the engine bay of my two-door for some time now. I didn’t want to get it rebuilt until the car was ready for it to run, as I just don’t see the point of letting a fresh rebuild sit around degrading. At the same time I’ve been itching to get it done, and now I think the time is getting close with other elements of the chassis all done. I’m now sorting out the bits required to be able to drop the engine in and start her up. So now seemed to be the logical time to get an exhaust made up, too.

Obviously, I can’t just drop into the local Halfords and order one, but there is a workshop local to me who have the skills to make one up. Longlife is a name which has been about for many years. They manufacture the ingredients needed to make up bespoke systems, and supply these to trained franchisees, and the local one to me just happens to be the long-established Interpro Automotive, a garage set up by a one-time race mechanic, Dave Griffiths who’s well-versed in the Cosworth YB engine. 

Interpro now have a ramp dedicated to making and fitting bespoke Longlife exhausts which is constantly booked up making exhausts for their customers, and it seemed an obvious place to take my Cortina. On arrival the team pushed the car round onto the ramp and once up in the air, Dave ran through what was required and what should be done.

There were many more questions than I expected for an exhaust, but they obviously considered everything, with the benefit of many years’ experience with the Cosworth engine. Longlife provide the complete kit of parts to build a system including pre-formed bends so as not to restrict flow, and components to build up silencers to fit the space but also achieve a suitable decibel rating – the limits employed by the local Castle Combe circuit were used as a target for mine.

The size of pipe was selected to suit the power output I have in mind for the car,as  I’m not going for mega power. A tailpipe was selected from the vast range — I wanted a twin pipe central exit exhaust and they had a slash cut example which was ideally suited to the rake of the valance. Once the design was set I left the car with them for the day and Olly worked his magic producing a tailor made system to snuggle fit my undercarriage!

Perfect fit

Interpro’s Neil stayed late to assist in loading the car back on to my trailer, and once back in my Dad’s garage I could have a proper look, and I’m dead chuffed with the end result. The bits you can see look great while the bits you can’t I know fit perfectly. Now I’m just dying to hear how it sounds, so next up are the electrics. I’m currently collecting up the bits required to have a bespoke loom made up and then I should be ready for getting the engine rebuilt, when I’ll be back at Interpro.

In loving memory of my father, Barry Hutton, who originally brought me home from hospital in a Mk1 Cortina Estate. 13.10.35-13.02.19.

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