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It’s a case of low and definitely not slow as Simon Coulson reveals his latest project car ideas in the form of a BTCC Mk2 Granada Estate and sleeper Pop 100E

Classic Ford’s top-notch illustrator, Mr Coulson has done us proud with a couple of creations that really need to see the light of day. For the Pop, think aircooled VW-influenced Resto Cal more than Resto however, as the base car is in such good shape it would be a shame to go to town on the bodywork mods. A good amount of prep and a respray in the original colour it is, then, but not before some fairly radical mods underneath courtesy of air suspension to make this Pop sit really, really low. We’ve also brought the front strut towers inwards to create a decent amount of tuck for those MOMO Vega rims to sit underneath.

MOMO wheels, you ask? These 14 inch rims were popular fitment to Alfa Romeos back in the ’60s and the good news is, Alfas of this period came with a 4×108 PCD so the rims should bolt right up to the Anglia 105E axle and Mk2 Cortina-based front struts we plan on using. Under the bonnet you’ll find a Hot Crossflow furnished with nothing more than a single downdraught IDF carb and four branch manifold, while on the inside, those stock seats have been retrimmed in navy, with everything else left as the good Ford intended.

mk2 granada estate

If the Pop is somewhat restrained, the Granada is anything but. Heavily-inspired by the ’90s Mondeo BTCC race cars built by Prodrive, this wagon is going track day-bound, though as you can see there’s some radical work to be done before it gets there. First off, the front doors have been lengthened, the B-pillars moved back and the (now-shortened) rear doors welded up. It’s a subtle look at first glance, but one that really improves the Mk2’s lines. Up front, the front chin has been deepened and a splitter added, before a full respray and vinyl graphics applied – loosely-based on the Rapid Fit livery of those Mondeos, but with the spanner swapped for an angle grinder and sponsorship removed. Wheels are nothing less than 19 inch OZ affairs, centre-mounted, natch, with the rears fitted with those natty disc covers.

This Estate won’t be taking old wardrobes down the tip any more, so the interior is now filled with a climbing frame of a roll cage, front buckets and harnesses, with the centre console removed to make space for a six-speed sequential ’box which will make short work of the ST24 Duratec V6 from a Mk3 Mondeo mounted well back in the ‘bay along with a supercharger – sure we could try and find the Mazda-derived six-cylinder that Cosworth developed for the BTCC cars — but who the heck wants a measly 2-litre V6 when there are no pesky rules to contend with?

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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