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Yes, he’s really gone and done it – we give you Simon Coulson’s interpretation of the 100E limo plus a very cool Mk1 Granada Coupe.


With fingers firmly crossed, come May, we – plus 80-odd other happy souls – will be blasting down the M20 towards Dover with a ferry bound for France firmly in our sights. Yes, it’s Classic Ford Tour time and with that in mind, we instructed the mighty pensmith, Simon Coulson to come up with two creations that would cause a stir on continental cruise, and he’s done us proud.

The Anglia 100E (well, there are three actually) is the perfect base for a bunch of mates to get together of a weekend (or six) to build a limo with whatever lying around in the garage, with the best car cut in half, and sections added from the other two to create a stretched Anglia that even the designers at Dagenham would have been impressed with, surely? Once fabricated and prepped, we’ve laid on fresh coats of Ambassador Blue before building up the now quite-long shell using a 105E axle, naturally, rack-and-pinion front end with Capri struts and brakes, a fair dollop of lowering and some painted Weller 7×13 steels with hubcaps and trim rings, and wearing whitewalls. Up front there’s a screaming Crossflow — impractical possibly, but there just happened to be one lying around, then all that’s left is for those mates to jump in and point that 100E towards Dover. 

granada coupe

If the 100E is a budget build for this year’s Classic Ford Tour, then this left-hand-drive Granada Coupe is quite the opposite. With the car imported, all taxes paid and the various (small) areas of rust repaired, we’ve prepared this big-hipped beauty ready for some VW Arctic Blue paint. And if you thought the Germanic choice of paint was a clue to the direction we’re going with this build, you’d damn well be right.

Only, its not VW, and those AMG Mercedes 18 inch wheels (the same 5×112 PCD as the Granada) give a pretty big clue: we’ve been out and bought an E-Class Benz for £800 and robbed it of its awesome 3-litre OM606 inline diesel engine — an almost indestructible beast that can withstand massive boost. Carefully installed in the Granada’s bay along with the auto ’box, we’ve also liberated the E-Class of its leather front seats and gauges, before retrimming the Coupe’s rear bench and door trims to match. With rechromed chrome, electric windows, aircon and an impressive sound system courtesy of Clarion, this is one hell of a way to enjoy the Classic Ford Tour in Coupe comfort.

Words Simon Woolley

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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