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The Granada is 50 – all hail the Granada! Celebrate in style with the two takes on the Mk2 and Mk3 Granda courtesy of Simon Coulson

Granadas are enjoying a renaissance at the moment, so it’s only fair that we ride the wave generated by Ford’s brilliant barges and bring you this fine pair of modified examples. 

Kicking off with the iconic Mk2, we’ve done the decent thing and created a coupe — something that Ford never even tried in concept form, despite the Mk1 version being a big success in the looks department. 

The reprofiled rear roofline shouldn’t be too much work for a decent body guy, and the Mk3 Capri tailgate would provide the ideal framework for the rear hatch, albeit with some tweaking. Elsewhere, it has to look factory, so other than a change of colour to more subtle metallic grey, and those very concept-car 17 inch versions of the TRX alloys, this Mk2 is indeed, as Ford intended… only it’s a fake!

mk3 granada

If, like us, you’re always perusing the internet for ideas, then you’ll already be familiar with the Japanese VIP style, and the Mk3 Granada is perfect for this treatment. Acres of gloss black paint to cover the metal and plastic, clear indicators and side repeaters, and maximum lows courtesy of airbags (or custom coil-overs for the brave). The VIP style is all about big, polished aluminium, flatfaced wheels so we’ve chosen a set of Keskins (actually a Euro wheel, but the style is bang-on) to sit under the standard arches. 

Inside, the Scorpio leather will do just fine, though a few diamante additions wouldn’t go amiss, along with some fake walnut and dash-mounted trays (sourced from Japan, naturally). Finally, we need something big, lazy and Japanese under the bonnet — how about a Supra straight-six motor? 2JZ, yo! Quite.

Words Simon Woolley

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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