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It’s all about the Mk2s! Here’s a cracking Mk2 Fiesta Ghia and Mk2 Cortina Estate to kick off the week courtesy of Simon Coulson…

mk2 fiesta ghia

This edition is all about the resto mod, so it would be daft not to apply the treatment to our two unsuspecting projects, right? The Mk2 Fiesta looks in good shape and decent value, too, but we’re going to make it even better, treating it to a full respray, though electing to leave off the bonnet badge in the process (note, the front numberplate has ‘fallen off’ too). Once the paint’s hardened we’ve wheeled it out of the bodyshop and into the workshop for a set of coil-overs and lowering springs to get it sitting much lower, before getting the original steel wheels banded — 8 inches rear, 7 inches front  — then powerdercoated in black, before reftting with some fresh rubber and the original, though refinished trims fitted back in place.

The sumptuous Ghia interior has been cleaned and refitted, but under the bonnet we’ve gone full resto mod, with the 1.1 being replaced by the 1.25 Zetec SE engine — a revvy 16-valver that puts out decent power for its output yet is still nice and economical. Backed up by a six-speed, this one’s perfect for town, country and roadtrip.

We’ve broken the ‘rules’ of Resto Mod ever so slightly with our Mk2 Cortina Estate treatment. You see, the only way to get it that low yet still drivable (without using air-ride) is to sit the shell over a full chassis… so that’s what we’ve done. The late Estate shell has been loving prepped and repainted in its original colour and all the chromework cleaned and refitted (though without the overriders, naturally).

Our choice of wheels for this Mk2 are a set of 15 inch and 16 inch steels with trim rings — perhaps visually slightly too big, but we think it looks all the better for it. All that’s left is to lower the twin-turbo create V8 engine onto the chassis and retrim the standard interior in black vinyl, adding an early 1600E dash at the same time so that we can fit a pair of boost gauges into the centre pod. Not so much Resto Mod as Pro Resto Sleeper, then!

Get more details and see more sketches of these two ideas in the December issue

Words Simon Woolley

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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