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Happy Monday! Time for some project car inspiration from Simon Coulson in the form of these Ford Ka and Mk1 Transit Campervan build ideas. Now over to you…

Cooler (and rarer) than a VW Type 2, the Mk1 Transit came in a greater number of different camper body styles, too, including the awesome piggyback-style Autohome version here. Naturally, we can’t leave it be, and while the temptation to go all ’70s on it with port hole windows and Slot Mags loomed large, in the end we decided a country squire-style affair (with ’50s surf influences) was in order. Hence the cab and lower rear body has been resprayed in Caribbean Blue while the main body and grille are now Ermine White — a stunning combo.

We’re not finished yet — real wood panelling has been added to the sides, it’s low, and now sat on widened versions of the standard steels, powdercoated black and with the hubcaps removed and a set of spider caps and whitewalls fitted. Inside, we’ve gone to town with a complete retrim in matching blue and white tuck-and-roll vinyl, and the dash has been adorned with leftover wood from the side panels. There’s nothing wrong with the 1800 that currently powers this mobile home, so it’s staying put. All remains is to hit the high road, the low road and the beach – just maybe when it warms up a bit, yeah?

ford ka

Picture the scene: it’s 1996 and in order to drum up some extra media interest in the about-to-announced KA at the Birmingham motor show, Ford decide to mock-up a Supersport version — in honour of the new car’s spiritual predecessor, the Mk1 Fiesta. Well, that’s how we’ve attacked the KA anyway — now incredibly 20 years old. Taking our unloved (and ridiculously cheap) project, we’ve sorted out any rust before treating it to a full respray in Sunburst Red, then adding the SportKA bodykit and rear spoiler, resprayed in a textured matt black finish to replicate the original Supersport’s arch covers.

There’s another reason for fitting the SportKA kit, though, and that’s to cover those 7×13 RS four-spokes and 175/50 tyres, which may do nothing for the KA’s driveability, but what the hell. Original Mk1 spotlights have been inset into the front airdam, and we’ve been on the phone to DMB Graphics to work up a set of custom Supersport sidestripes to follow the contours of the KA’s tubby body. Inside, the standard seats have been retrimmed in black with Carla check cloth inserts, and there’s some red pinstriping around the dash, while we’re leaving the 1300 Endura engine well alone. Simple, effective, and old-school.

Words Simon Woolley

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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