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This week we go back to the 1990s with Simon Coulson’s take on the Ford Probe and Sierra Sapphire – get your hypercolour on!

ford probe

Gareth Cheeseman may have piloted a blue Probe around the motorways of the UK, but you can bet your Mazda MX-6 it was nothing like our creation, which owes more than a nod to the early ’90s mini truck scene. We’ve taken the fine-looking twin-cam and given the body the smooth treatment (losing the side trims and front numberplate, and cleaning up the bumpers) before applying coats of era-correct VW Caribbean Green — so much better than its current red oxide primer.

The combined front sidelights/indicators have been replaced by LEDs, and a set of 18 inch billet wheels (loosely inspired by the original Ford three-spokes) now sit well into the arches courtesy of the air-ride conversion. Inside, with the original black leather in good shape, we’ve elected to leave it well alone, but the engine is a different matter — with a US-sourced turbo kit livening up the 16-valve Mazda FS-DE 2-litre rather nicely.

Imagine if you will, if Kei Miura of legendary Japanese bodykit designers, Rocket Bunny came to the UK on holiday and happened to see this rare 4×4 Saph for sale. He’d buy it, wouldn’t he? Then take it home and get to work, creating a unique kit for it based on his previous designs, along with some 1990s Vecta Challenge race car inspiration thrown into the mix. This then, is our take on his take, with unique bolt-on sideskirts and arches, ducktail spoiler, and Cosworth-inspired front bumper with a chin spoiler added for good measure.

The paint is Ford Stealth Grey (a special order colour found on the latest Focus range) with contrasting flouro green door mirrors, side trims, grilles and wheels. Speaking of which, these are staggered fitment, 9×16 and 10×16 inch BBS split-rims sourced from an old Vecta Challenge car. The interior is cage-less but no less race-inspired with Kei-san installing four Bride recliners complete with harnesses, and seeing as this is Japan, power is now courtesy of a Nissan SR20DET engine — with monster turbo upgrade, naturally.

Words Simon Woolley

Illustrations Simon Coulson

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