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Whether it’s to free up space in the engine bay or for better weight distribution, moving the battery to the boot can make a lot of sense. Here’s how to relocate your battery and fit a kill-switch at the same time.

relocate your battery

One of the most sensible things you can fit to your car is a kill switch, and for several reasons. First off, in the event of a severe electrical ‘moment’, you can shut the power off and avoid a bad one.

Then there’s the security issue too: hide it out the way and it might just slow a tea leaf down. Well, you can always hope!

On top of those two there’s the fact that you’ll need one if you plan to do any track action — get it wrong or the car throws a tantrum, either you or a marshal will need to make the car safe by again cutting the power. Thus it’s a good idea to fit the switch where you can reach it from the driver’s seat — and with a harness on too…

We won’t be fitting the next stage on to that, but ideally, the switch needs to be operated from outside the car too. Therefore you should make provision for a pull handle device, which mechanically throws the switch. Again, this is for the marshal’s benefit — and for you of course!

There are two types of kill-switch — the ordinary type that literally just shuts the power off, that’s it. Or, there’s the FIA approved version, which is the one we’re going to fit. This has an extra terminal block between the two main power poles that controls the power to the alternator and prevents the car running on. Otherwise, the former type could allow the engine — if still running — to carry on doing so because it’s still self-generating power.

Along with the kill-switch, we’re going to relocate our Mk1 Cortina’s battery to the boot.

The reason? Later on, we’ll be fitting twin sidedraughts and the battery generally gets in the way. Not only that, it represents a whole load of weight and in this case, it’s hanging over the front wheels, which can only contribute to understeer. So, into the boot it goes.

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This tech guide first appeared in the January 2010 issue of Classic Ford

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