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Fit wide wheels to your Mk1 Fiesta and you need a bit of coverage. We follow as Matt Barton fits some Group 2-style arches to cover his Turbo rims.

fit mk1 fiesta arches

Fill your Mk1 Fiesta’s engine bay full of horsepower and chances are you need some big fat rims to help with traction, but there’s a limit to what you can get under the standard arches. 

We’ve been closely following Matt Barton’s 2-litre Zetec build for a while now and he’s got a load of horsepower hikes planned too. And to cope with that, he’s invested in a set of 7×13 OS4 Turbo rims along with 185/60R13 tyres — although these are likely to go up in size to around 205s…. The trouble is, they stick out of the arches so a great way to solve that is to fit a set of rally arches (sometimes referred to as Group 2 arches) — and that really makes sense because Matt also wants to run the car much lower than he has before…

Matt’s rally arches are made from GRP (glass-reinforced polyester), which he bought from Smith & Deakin for £150 for the set of four. Now, if you’re of a faint heart, then these aren’t the components for your car because you will need to cut into your bodywork and you will need to do some welding. But it’s not too difficult — if you’re brave! The front wings are not too bad simply because they are single-skinned, but the backs are a lot more involved because they have an inner arch, which needs modifying.

We followed along as Matt makes it looks pretty simple — as normal, he’d done his homework and researched some pretty trick fittings to make fitting the arches easy and therefore painting too. Matt’s getting towards the tail end of his dummy build and as such, there may be a bit more updating yet — he reckons he might stiffen the front wings later on with a new lip on the edge of the steel wings. If he does we’ll keep you updated via Our Cars. In the meantime, let’s fit some arches!

fit mk1 fiesta rally arches

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This guide first appeared in the July 2018 issue of Classic Ford magazine

fit mk1 fiesta rally arches

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