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Ensure reliable electrics and a professional finish — here’s how to make a wiring loom.

how to make a wiring loom

Many times in the past, we’ve had visions of making our own wiring looms. Before our attics became a dumping ground, we had dreams of laying out old looms and copying them using cabling and wrapping as close to original as possible.

Full-on project cars with mental engines changed changed all that when we made the decision to stop playing around with notions of modifying existing looms and doing it properly. Additions such as ECUs, fuel pumps, alternator, even twin-speed wipers, fog lamps, electric fan, and heated front and rear screens meant the loom had to be fit for purpose. 

With stakes that high, we contacted Autosparks and asked them for advice. They requested our old loom for reference and a list of the additions we’d need. 

A few days later they informed us of the price and a lead-time of between six and eight weeks. Surely we could make one quicker than that in my attic? Maybe, but not to their handmade standard and definitely not braided, as our rude awakening proved. Here’s what’s involved.

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