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Improve your classic Ford’s stopping power by swapping the rear drums for a pair of discs and callipers – here’s how to bolt on a rear disc brake conversion kit.

rear disc brake conversion

We’ve recently shown a more budget-orientated drum swap on our Cortina’s English back axle (see April 2014 issue), but we’ve since swapped the actual axle for the narrower Anglia van casing. A period swap, it allows wider wheels to be fitted under standard arches since the axle is 2.75 inches narrower than the standard. To go with the new axle, we’ve opted to fit a set of disc brakes using the kit that Old Ford Auto Services (OFAS) sell, which was developed by Milton. This is an excellent, well thought-out kit that’s since been updated and is available in a couple of versions according to the type of English axle you have. Our axle had all its brackets cleaned off it as it had been modified in the past by a previous owner, so there was a small amount of further preparation to do — but then we’ve had to do that anyway as we’ve adapted the casing to fit our car. The kit is mostly bolt-on, but there is some halfshaft machining needed so that the flanges fit inside the hats of the discs. But this is easily sorted since OFAS offer this as a service, too at £24. You can also buy the kit in two options — complete with discs and handbrake cable, or you can order the basic hardware and source your own. Here’s how to switch to rear discs.

To download the feature as a PDF, click here: Rear disc brake conversion guide

rear disc brake conversion

This tech guide first appeared in the June 2014 issue of Classic Ford.

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