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Everything you ever wanted to know about bike carbs, from buying the right ones to getting them set up.

bike carbs

When it comes to bike carbs, all too often you will hear contrasting information from different sources. We’ve all heard the rumours and what people have to say about driveability, awkward fittings and increased or decreased performance, but who actually knows for sure what’s true and what isn’t?

We went down to see the people in the know when it comes to bike carbs: the Bogg Brothers. They’ve been dealing with bike carb conversions for the best part of a decade now. Steve Bogg, who looks after the bike conversion side of the business, was happy to answer our many, many questions in detail and explain to us everything there is to know about bike carbs, good and bad. From how they work, to what they fit, to what you need and what you don’t; it’s all covered here. And you may be surprised to learn what we found…

Why fit them?
There’s a lot to be said for what bike carbs can offer compared to alternative set-ups. For some people, they are chosen due to budget constraints; they see the conversion as a cost-effective way of increasing power but there are actually many other benefits to the way the car will drive. And then there’s the fact they are still easy and cheap to get hold of and relatively easy to fit.

The message from Steve is clear though: if you have a pair of Webers in perfectly good working condition then there isn’t much to gain by going over to bike carbs. If however, your current carbs are tired, worn out (as they often are) or you are fed up with them constantly going out of balance then these could well be the practical answer for you. Similarly, if you’re looking for an upgrade or if you’re still building a project and haven’t chosen anything for the induction side of things yet, then they offer great value for money for the performance.

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bike carbs

This tech guide first appeared in the November 2010 issue of Classic Ford.

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